Laminate Flooring Calculator For Precise Calculation Of Material And Budget Necessary For Your Project


A laminate flooring calculator is necessary to get a precise image of what an amount of flooring you will need to implement your project. The simplest calculator counts the necessary flooring amount based on the dimensions of the room floor to be covered. Just entering the width and length of your room you will get a rough answer. For instance a calculator first counts the floor area based on room dimensions (a 4m wide and 6m long room is 24.00m2) afterwards requires you to insert the pack size and the price per roll.

Each flooring type has its own pack sizes. Here is the list of floor types along with their pack sizes:

  • Laminate Flooring (1.9)
  • Real Wood Flooring (1-3.3)
  • Vinyl Flooring (0.56-2.55)
  • Wood Effect flooring (2.48)
  • Floor Tiles (0.91; 1)

The final result that calculator of laminate flooring provides includes the wastage and cutting counted to 10%. So our 24.00m2 room will require nine 3.3 packs of wooden floors at $23 per pack. The final cost for this project will be $209.

However, a laminate flooring calculator is a useful online tool that allows one to know how much material your will need for your project and what a budget you will need for that. However, in spite of the fact that nearly all calculators online work according to the same principle, certain differences do occur. For instance you may meet a calculator that takes your location into matter when providing final results. The reason is that depending on the amount of laminate installers in an area the cost of the work differs. Accordingly, setting you location, a calculator provides the charge a worker in your area will demand for the job done.

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