Plastic Laminate Flooring: Advantages To Impress


Introduced to public in the mid-1990s, plastic laminate flooring quickly gained fame. This flooring type is now the fastest growing flooring type sold in the whole territory of The United States. There are plenty of reasons that justify the popularity of this flooring type. First of all it is highly durable and extremely stain resistant. And then the flooring is very easy to install and very affordable. Anyway, perhaps the greatest advantage of plastic laminate flooring is its water resistance. All these features together along with fabulous look make plastic laminate flooring a grandiose choice for any customer!

Laminate flooring made of plastic is a perfect variant for rooms with a high level of humidity. Accordingly, you can install this flooring type in bathrooms, kitchens, hallways and even decks. Surely ordinary laminate flooring can never be installed in these areas, yet when plastic is the basic and only component of the laminate, it becomes entirely resistant toward humidity.

Plastic laminate flooring is usually thicker than wood or engineered wood laminate flooring reaching to 0.5″ thickness. The center part of these laminates is fiber while the bottom and top layers are made of laminate with no percentage of any wood type. This flooring type perfectly resists stains and wears. Besides its colors fade much slower than those of wooden laminates. The designs of these floors are diverse mimicking natural wood, stone, etc. Depending on your home interior, you can freely choose the most suitable model of plastic laminate flooring.

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Gallery of Plastic Laminate Flooring: Advantages To Impress

Serge June 10, 2016

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