Ronseal Floor Varnish Is Diamond Hard And Extra Durable


Ronseal floor varnish is normally described as a floor varnish of diamond’s strength. This varnish provides a grandiose protection for your home floors against all the unfavorable aspects of daily life that have straight results on a house floor. Having such a quality varnish at home no heels and scuffs, knocks and spills are any longer frightening! From now on you can freely welcome all your guests on high heeled shoes and let their pets play around just on your precious floors! As soon as you find your valuable hardwood floors need being refreshed, the varnish by Ronseal will always be there to save the situation!

Varnish By Ronseal: Clear Or Colored

However, a floor varnish by Ronseal is available either in several colors or in clear state. The latter is mainly chosen by those customers who love their floor color and just want to have a strong protection for it. Anyway, if you would like to change the color of your wooden floors adding a unique wood shade to it you are free to choose one of the eight colors offered by Ronseal including Satin Antique Pine, White Ash, Dark Oak, Rich-Mahogany, Walnut as well as Oak Medium and Clear Gloss.

Quick Dry And Extra Toughness

Nevertheless, besides the amazing variety of colors available for the floor varnish Ronseal presents, this product has a wonderful feature of frying in as little as thirty minutes! This means you will not have to apply a varnish on your floors and wait long hours and sometimes even a couple of days till the floors get dry! The special system of the Ronseal varnish makes the floors dry as quick as no other varnish can do! Meanwhile the extra toughness against tear or wear makes this varnish even more widely required! Floors covered with Ronseal varnish become as sturdy and durable as possible.

Ronseal Perfect Finish Pad

However, to make the Ronseal floor varnish even more effective, try applying the finish with a Perfect Finish Pad by Ronseal. The latter is a wonderful tool to apply the varnish much faster than with an ordinary brush. Your job will be fulfilled five times quicker, hence just within a couple of hours you will have a refreshed and amazingly attractive floors! Meanwhile the long handle of this pad relieves your back from pain that is inevitable when you apply floor varnish with a customary brush.

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