Types Of Laminate Flooring: Consider Before Purchasing


Learning the types of laminate flooring, making the right choice becomes much easier. Laminate flooring is highly popular these days as it combines the main features one seeks in a flooring type. These floors look fantastically realistic, hence you can choose tile, stone or wood looks. Laminate floors are highly durable and promise to serve you for many years to come. These floors are also easy maintainable and some variants can be installed in areas with a high level of humidity. And the last but not less important advantage of laminate flooring is its affordable cost.

Anyway, this article is about the laminate flooring types, hence we shall turn to our main subject. From the point of installation, we can distinguish three main types of laminate floors. These are glueless-click, pre-glued and glued laminates. Definitely the greatest part of laminate floors (over two third) fall under the category of glueless-click installing laminates. The clock-lock system guarantees a fast, easy and secure installation.

If we consider the types of laminate flooring from the point of surface look, we can distinguish the following types:

  • Smooth
  • Embossed/Textured
  • Distressed/Hand Scraped
  • Embossed in Registration

And the last differentiating characteristics of laminate floors is the durability level. Depending on the area you intend to install the laminate floors (residential or commercial), you need to choose the model that will endure the foot traffic. The strongest laminate floors, for instance, are AC5 Heavy Commercial ones designed for the busiest commercial areas.

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